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CARASTAY FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

About booking

  •  Can I book without registration??
  • You can always book a RV park without registration in CARASTAY. We only need your vehicle registration number and your email address for booking confirmation, reservation and communication.
  •  May I change my reservation?
  • A way to modify a reservation is under development, but not yet finished and tested. It is intended that you can change a reservation on a RV site in relation to the day of arrival. A transfer to another RV site is only possible if the cancellation policy of the respective RV Park allow this.

About reservation

  •  How is my reservation guaranteed?
  • In general, there are two variants. If a modern online park management system CARAPARK Online is in use, the booking will take place directly within the system and is stored on site in the occupancy calendar. In other cases, the reservation is made by the operator of the RV Park "manually".
  •  Why are many RV Parks not bookable?
  • RV sites are often operated by municipalities. In the past they have installed only simple parking machines and stand-alone machines for water supply. There is rarely anyone available to manage a reservation and the technology in use is not designed for this service.

About costs

  •  Is there a possibility to pay without any fees for the payment method?
  • Yes, you can pre-pay with your email address and transfer a defined amount of money to an account of CARASTAY. As soon as we notice the incoming payment we will credit a corresponding number of booking transactions to your user account.
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